heading north

While the journey did indeed begin around almost 4 days ago, it’s about time I actually reported in and told about it. The reason is, obviously, that I wanted to spend time playing it, instead of writing about it. Naturally, getting out of the crowded starting areas was a priority as well, as that can be a pain.

I managed to get started around half an hour past midnight, after having gotten my precious collectors edition picked up, and stationed myself along like-minded individuals who also wanted to play the game. Thus, we had started a mini-LAN-event for 6 people, 4 different servers, and both factions. It may sound (ok admitted, it was) extremely hardcore-nerd’ish, but it was indeed very fun. My sleep-schedule might be a bit tossed off, but I’ll probably manage to get back on track again.

Never the less, the WoW-part of the LAN was only till friday, after which we moved on to a real LAN-event, which naturally included tournaments in games like Unreal Tournament (99) and StarCraft. Obviously, lots of other stuff happened too.

All in all, I didn’t really get the supreme-kickstart into Northrend I had imagined, but I’m looming close to level 75 at this moment, and have run the first instances a few times each. The areas are indeed as stunning as I remembered them from my time in the beta, but actually questing through the areas makes it so much better. I won’t rush ahead to get to 80, but rather enjoy the time leveling and clear an area before going on to the next. Then I’ll get into looking closer at Thunderstruck, and getting ready for peeking into Naxxramas once again.

Oh, and don’t miss out on the quest chain leading to the event at the Wrath Gate. By far the best thing I have ever seen. Kudos Blizzard!

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