to hell and back again?

Recently, Blizzard added a splashscreen to their frontpage, that continues to change as the days pass.

At this current moment, it looks like some inscribed Ice/rock wall where some light is trying to shine through. While it could be obvious that there’s talk about some new Wrath of the Lich King-stuff, there are alot of other stuff suggestion otherwise.

First of all, Blizzard “recently” started hiring people for some Next-gen MMO. There are other stuff suggesting this, however. The original owner of (currently empty) got contacted by Blizzard, as they seemingly wanted it, and bad. Instead, the page is now, which also has some nice speculation going on this subject. Worth a read atleast. Especially the part about the Hel Rune is quite interesting.

Now, naturally, it’s not strange for a company to reserve the hostnames for different sequels of their famous game-series, but that mentioned one seemed a bit odd to be. Nevertheless, another point is worth mentioning. First of all, the Warcraft-series is getting quite a bit for now, in shape of Lich King, and World of Warcraft storming onwards. Starcraft 2 is in production, and comming along nicely. The Diablo-series…? Nothing since Diablo 2, which everyone remembers as having one of those endings that just screamed for a sequel in big bolded capital letters.

Will it be a new game announcement, or not? Something extremely fancy for WotLK? A prank? I’m hoping for the first, wouldn’t mind the second, and certainly not expecting the last. Time will show, and very soon, on top of that.

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