While the heat has, once again, gotten to the intense level outside, and the sun is roasting everything in sight, I still got the fancy new habbit of riding my bike way more often than usual (read: never). For some reason, all that sun and lots of movement has caused me to become rather “sunstung“, thus making my mood and general habbits a bit odd.

Imagine that, first off all, you can’t really relax. You’re feeling restless all the time, wanting to do something, and yet… you still don’t want to do anything. If anything happens that requires your attention, you’ll get extremely distant at times, and your short term memory often gives you a swift kick right between the onions. Things that should be doable by routine is also simply flushed down the drain to an endless abyss, eventhough you could’ve thought about it under 2 minutes ago. Besides all that, you tend to repeat yourself.

Atleast I know that I’m not alone with this feeling, have been talking to quite a few who’re feeling – more or less – the same way. A bit comforting, but then again not. Alot of people around each other with that kinda feeling could probably only result in a small annoyance, which people being annoyed about why everyone else is without their normal energy.

About the title, I thought I’d make a multi-pun, or sorts. The exclamation mark is, naturally, meaning “not“, giving the following two results: “not swell” and “no sunwell“. The first should be logical from the whole post, by looking at the meaning of the word. The second, well, is just me complaining a bit about lots of people seemingly being hit by the heat-wave and as a result passively refusing to sign up to WoW-raids, giving a halt in progression, which is the Sunwell Plateau. Sun vs. Humans 2-0.

Then lastly, there’s the non-pun third meaning, which is simply the “unwell” word that’s hidden in there. If the not-part has to work too, it’s actually going to mean something good. And there is; new computer this friday! Yay.

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