salvation plx

This is actually a quite new drinking game, that had it’s first tryout in February or so earlier this year. The game is pretty much a World of Warcraft drinking-game, intended for raiding. While it has much potential, it requires much more discipline than Beer Crocket, as you can’t be certain everyone else is drinking. Using voice-communication is highly recommended, and required for some of the rules.

The rules are simple, as you have to to drink when … :
– a DPS-class overaggroes and dies.
– someone asks for [Blessing of Salvation].
– someone is breathing heavily into the microphone.
– someone ninja-pulls.
– someone recieves a [Rebirth].
– someone disconnects an hour or so before raid-end.
– someone laughs out loud with a maniac voice.
– someone uses [Heroism] / [Bloodlust] or [Divine Shield] (on purpose or not).
– someone is Mind Controlled or/and does friendly fire.
– someone receives epic loot (bottoms up if it’s a legendary).
– a healer gets a killing blow.

This list of rules has been tested (to a certain extent), and can ensure true hilarity if followed properly. Moderation of rules is ofcourse allowed, but too much shouldn’t be cut of.

Enjoy, and cheers!

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