re-visiting sanctuary

In my flip of Diablo-nostalgia, I found my Diablo II CD’s earlier today, and installed the game. It’s quite fun how you can miss a game, but I managed to succeed it in. As of now, I have a level 13 Druid on Battle.Net Europe called Gnub, which I’ll attempt to finish – atleast – Normal difficulty with during the next days. The end of Act 1 is getting near though, without me even realizing that I started the game.

Anyway, to keep up with the more relevant news, the splash-screen at has updated yet again, which revealed that the ice is melting from the inside. Curious. If it was tied to WotLK, I wouldn’t exactly have guessed that anything was about to melt, at all. The fires from hell, perhaps?

I found out aswell that atleast someone knows what’s going to happen at the WWI, this saturday. A new game is going to be unvieled, without a doubt. What it’s going to be, is yet to be seen though. Will the different clues on the page result in anything useful, or just a wild goosehunt for penguin-walrusses, and a reference to Lost (I’ll leave that to you to find out)?

Either way, I’m really excited, with high hopes of a new Diablo-game.

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