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Eventhough this could’ve been about the database-stuff I’m reading up about these days, it’s rather something totally different. I leapt back into WoW again today, after having leveled to 16 in Age of Conan, and thought I could use some familiar stuff once again.

Quiet evening in the guild, since tuesdays are non-raid days, so I joined 3 others, to run through all of Lower and Upper Blackrock Spire. Before we got that idea however, I got the crazy idea that I could get the key to Scholomance. With that idea in mind, I decided that it would be cool to get the key to Upper Blackrock Spire too, and thus the gathering of the stuff started.

After a good fun evening I now carry around [Skeleton Key] and [Seal of Ascention]. The collection isn’t complete however, as there’s still a few sneaky keys hiding around somewhere. Maybe I should just get the [Superkey]?

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