papa’s got a brand new rig

Yup, it’s here, the new computer. Used most of the day yesterday to put the parts together – my first time trying that. Luckily, I got help of two of my good friends, which resulted in lots of fun, a bit of beer, bad jokes, and ofcourse the birth of the new machine.

The specs, which is probably the most important (naturally) is as follows:
– Intel Core 2 Duo / E8400 / 3.0GHz / 1333FSB / 6MB / LGA-775
– Asus P5N-D nForce 750i SLI DDR2
– 4 GB DDR II – PC 6400/800 MHz – Corsair KIT-CL.5-DHX
– SPARKLE GeForce 8800 GT
– Corsair VX550W – ATX12V 2.2 – AC 90
– Pioneer DVR-215 Bulk SATA

Although I know that it could obviously be better, it should be quite good for the amount of money paid for it, which was around 760 € (5700 danish kroner). Anyway, I decided to put Vista x-64 on it – and I hope it’ll shake the previous “yuck, Vista”-feeling out of me. We’ll see.

The important part lies ahead though; installing games, and trying them out, and try to somehow compare them to what my old bucket of a computer could perform. I’ll most likely get back to that. I’m fairly certain that I should be able to run Age of Conan now, without any problems.

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