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Recently, a good friend of mine reminded me of some work I did back in the days where Gothic was a brand new game, quite some years ago. The “work” in question, is some comics set in the world of gothic, using a very simple cut’n’paste alike method. Naturally, the point wasn’t about making eye-candy, but give the ones who played Gothic a laugh. Seeing them again, the thought about doing something similar with WoW could be rather fun.

So, I present to you, the comics I created back when the world was still young, hosted by RPGdot, since they seemingly saw potential in it. Follow this link, and read on to the 3 pages that follows, while you enjoy seeing Me, Mud, Diego, the Dam Lurker and many others once again.

… yes, SpanGi was my previous nickname back then, although – thankfully – it never got to stick.

EDIT (September, 2013): Hilariously late edit, but decided that it was probably helpful to add the – otherwise lost – comics to the actual post. One of them did, sadly, get lost, but seeing as 10 of 11 still survived, it’s not the worst loss I’ve tried. Either way, enjoy!

Comic 01: MARVIN-Mode
Comic 01
This actually happened while I was fooling around with the MARVIN-mode of the game, and is a prime example of A.I. that was way ahead of its time. I thought that controlling a Meatbug would be a safe bet in not alerting the guards, so I spawned a troll in the city to see the chaos that ensured. However, the guards ran past the troll and whacked me instead.

Comic 02: Wilhelm Tell
Comic 02
We all hate Mud. I figured this was a fitting way of showing it.

Comic 03: Hero vs. Orc Warrior – Take 1
Comic 03
Something that has to happen if “Gothic – The Movie” ever has to come to reality. Found in the “Outtakes”-section. No animals, orcs or humans were harmed under the production of this comic.

Comic 04: Dam Lurker
Comic 04
I always had a thing for the lurkers, and the Dam Lurker was always a good source of entertainment.

Comic 05: The Lost Comic
Yeah… that’s the one that got lost. I vaguely remember it was something with an ore-joke, based on the infamous quote “Shiiet, he doesn’t even have any ore on him!”. Here’s to hoping that I might find out, eventually.

Comic 06: In the Sect Camp
Comic 06
Always a fan of good puns. Found this one to be … well, yeah. No further comments needed.

Comic 07: Swampweed
Comic 07
I can’t really recall how the whole silly-speak got into this, but at least some good “Stranger”-refences made it there.

Comic 08: Sheep
Comic 08
Because we all love worms. And sheep. And cute sheep too!

Comic 09: Windows
Comic 09
Cheap-shot jokes are always worth it.

Comic 10: Leap of Faith
Comic 10
The Matrix, a good use of the “Some people never learn”-line.

Comic 11: The Sleeper
Comic 11
Good old Cor Kalom. Those monks were rather noisy, after all.


  1. I just decided to give Gothic III a final chance (i previously gave it up for it's lagginess), and when I needed the RPGDot forums i found the website torn out of the interweb… Alas, and so the comics of the once great SpanGi have also vanished.


  2. Well, that sucks … I don't even think I saved the comics anywhere. Would be a major bummer if they're lost for good :(


  3. Aye, I actually fiddled around with it a bit yesterday, and found every single of the comics – except comic05, which the web archive for some reason didn't catch.

    The comic texts aren't really worth anything, so that's ok.

    The loss of “number 5” still makes me a bit sad, nevertheless :/


  4. Are you sure there was a #5?

    Don't seem to remember ever reading more than 4.


  5. Certainly. There was a total of 11 comics – but they were posted over 4 rounds, so to speak.

    Open the first of the links you supplied, and it should make perfect sense. :)


  6. Haha, good point – why do it if the internet does the job for you? :D


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