first stage of conan

Basicly just Age of Conan – take 2. Naturally this new rig of mine can run the game, unlike the old one.

The install was pretty flawless, and only required a small patch of ~700 MB. Not as bad as I expected considering how often I’ve heard the game being patched the latest few weeks. Getting my account back from it’s “Frozen”-state proved to be quite a challenge with Funcom’s less than logical layout of things. Never the less, I got started.

At this point, I’m level 5 and reached the City and the first Tavern. So far it’s been pretty fun, but I hope that I can find something else than an Oar to beat the snot out of the bad guys. Other than that, it’s quite enjoyable. Very different than World of Warcraft atleast.

There’s some few annoyances with the general design of the game though that I already miss from WoW. Although I can’t name them exactly, I can just feel them being there. Might be the fact that I’m looking at the game with my critical eyes, who knows. One thing is sure atleast, I won’t leave WoW behind for this, but I intend on giving it a shot and see how it folds out.

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