hyperboring adventures

So, Funcom finally decided that it was time to let the Early Access-people start their downloads of the massive almost 14GB game. All that’s left now is simply.. waiting. And I can tell you this, a %-based bar where those 14GB is 100% takes a long (read: longer than your average download) time to move, especially with an internet connection from a dormitory. 19 hours isn’t too bad though, and I must take my hat (if I had one) of for Funcom on the behalf of the downloader, as I know that I’m currently downloading at max speed possible at my current position. The most impressive part is that it instantly started at those ~200 KB/s, after building/checking files (which by the way only took around 2 minutes. Nice.

Luckily I’m not going to sit and stare at that download-bar for now, but instead heading to DIKU and doing something totally else than thinking about how the game will be (yeah, sure). The boring wait most likely turn into a good adventure.

1.4%, and counting.

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