One of the things many WoW-players have noticed since the newest patch, is that alot of skills have gotten the [Bloodlust]-enrage soundeffect, while sounds rather funny.

The reason I got reminded of this, was when I stumbled upon an old – but incredibly funny – MadTV clip that does a parody of Arnold Schwarzenegger. The instant I heard the overused “HUARHE”-sound, I just thought of the effect, which I found rather hilarious, along with the fact that both were incredibly overused. I wonder if it has a connection?

I was also, as always, reminded of the hilarious short hiphop-alike short clip “Arnold’s Got Hoes“. It shouldn’t take much more effort than just reading a short snippet of source-code to snatch the .mp3-file off that site. It’s atleast on my cellular-phone as an alternative ringtone. Always a hit.

Praise for Arnold!

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