drinking 108/110

Comparing talents to real life features to gaming is normally quite an easy feat. Obviously, level can refer to age, talents to .. yeah, whatever you’re good at, and the like. Not exactly rocket science to connect the dots, but it can in most situations lead to some really far out discussions.

For instance, a friend of mine and myself ended up concluding that Dalai Lama must’ve been quite a newbie. The reasoning for that was that, even though he rerolled countless of times. Must’ve ended up choosing the wrong talents, and wrong professions. Sadly enough, respecs aren’t available in real life. We also figured that he must be a shaman, since he can keep on Reincarnating so many times. The 1 hour cooldown is – thankfully – not a problem, although choosing 2/2 in Improved Reincarnation could maybe save him from a fatal early death. And, what if he ran out of Ankhs?

Another thing discussed was the effect of drinking. We figured that drinking was a rather special profession (secondary, logically), that increased with the amount of beer being drinked over time. That would ofcourse involve an advanced buff-system. Drinking a beer would ofcourse give you a “Beer (1)” (along with “Spirits” or “Wine”) buff, which would increase until you reached your personal limit until “Excessive Stomach Emptying” (based on the amount of points in the profession). When the buffs have timed out due to sleep (or likewise), and a un-cleanseable debuff that stacks equally to how much the different buffs from before had run up to, ofcourse depending on the amount of “Excessive Stomach Empties”.

There’s tons of subjects that can be touched with this approach, depending on the rate of nerd-density in the room (and amount of alcohol involved). One thing remains true though, it’s a source of almost unlimited fun.

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