deus ex cocoa

Yum, cocoa. A fine creation brought to us in many ways, in many different forms. Solid as chocolate, liquid as cocoa – great in both hot and cold forms.

Over the course “I don’t know how long” days, I’ve pretty much made it a ritual each morning to grab half a liter of cold cocoa, and bring it to whatever I’m doing first. Some days, like today, I raised the usual tuesday-bar a bit, by first buying half a liter when I got breakfast, and then 2 additional ones one hour into the lecture. 150% of a usual tuesday. But my, it’s just great, beats coke, and – in some situations – cold beer (at the morning however, there’s no doubt).

The only thing that annoys me with it, is that I have to drop by DIKU to get it cheap, otherwise the price goes to around almost 200%. Rather annoying, but it’s probably healthy to quench the addiction. Then again, it’s cheaper – and probably way more healthy – than drinking mentioned coke instead.


  1. “Matilde” is gooood! :-)

    And good to see that you are embracing Disqus as well.


  2. Indeed it is!

    Aye, have to find the features to take advantage of them, you know. Good to see one that's seemingly going to be useful. Thanks for the heads up! :)


  3. All you need to do now, is learn to use the “reply”-link ;-)


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