June 2008

Eventhough this could’ve been about the database-stuff I’m reading up about these days, it’s rather something totally different. I leapt back into WoW again today, after having leveled to 16 […]

Basicly just Age of Conan – take 2. Naturally this new rig of mine can run the game, unlike the old one. The install was pretty flawless, and only required […]

Yup, it’s here, the new computer. Used most of the day yesterday to put the parts together – my first time trying that. Luckily, I got help of two of […]

While the heat has, once again, gotten to the intense level outside, and the sun is roasting everything in sight, I still got the fancy new habbit of riding my […]

Recently, a good friend of mine reminded me of some work I did back in the days where Gothic was a brand new game, quite some years ago. The “work” […]

No, this post will not be about the item from Warcraft III, nor will it be about any Warcraft-related stuff. Instead, I decided to write my thoughts about the concept […]