elephant rave

PSA (Public Service Announcement)… Listen Up… Elephants are your friend, not your enemy. Do not be fooled by the media. Open your eyes and see for yourself, that these noble creatures deserve nothing but the greatest dignity and respect, humanity can possibly give them. Do not be fooled. Do not give in for yourself. Deep inside you know the truth. Trust yourself. Trust them. When will it be love instead of fear?

Did that make sense? If not, play Elephant Rave at Kongregate. A bit too addicting, primarily because of that nice catchy tune. Besides, the blue elephant’s wiggly movements are fun to look at. The fact that it can actually jump too is a nice thing.

Life. Love. Misunderstanding. Wierd noses. Oh, and remember: 18293 – whatever that number is supposed to mean. It’ll tickle my brain for quite some time atleast.

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