Curriculum Vitae

Most of the content on this page is much better seen on my LinkedIn profile, but I felt it was a good idea to have it listed here as well, albeit in a very condensed version. This page will in time also include more akademic writings, and also work very well in unison with the Portfolio, which goes more into detail with specific projects made throughout the years. References will, whenever possible, also be placed at the respectful places.

Full-time Work:
The below describes full-time positions I have had since I ended my studies.


Solution Architect at BEC
(March 2018 – Now)

Designing and assisting in shaping the technical foundations for the solutions used by many of the danish banks.

System Developer at BEC
(September 2014 – March 2018)

Coding and developing COBOL Mainframe-programs, along with SQL.
BEC hosts the IT-systems used by many of the danish banks, both by their costumers and banking advisors.

Internships / Volunteer:
The below describes work I have done in the game industry, outside of my studies.

Gameplay Programmer and Designer at PortaPlay – Internship
(May 2014 – August 2014)

A two-month (8 weeks) full-time internship, spread over the summer, where I am taking part in developing on the early preproduction stage of the game “Tales from the Void”.
More information on the project, and what I am doing, can be found here: Portfolio.

Game Writer at LUCUS – Internship
(January 2014 – February 2014)

A two-month (8 weeks) full-time internship, where I primarily researched and wrote story for the “Run For Your Life”-project. I also worked with both current and future game mechanics of the game, as well as taking part in planning and dealing with feedback of testing, and a variety of other things.
More information can be found here: Portfolio.

Moderator at DiabloFans (Curse Inc) – Volunteer
(March 2012 – May 2012)

Moderating the forums and making sure the rules were followed by the users.
DiabloFans is one of the largest international community sites for Blizzard’s Diablo-franchise.

Senior Moderator at Wowhead (ZAM) – Volunteer
(May 2010 – March 2012)

Moderating the forums and and comments in the database and making sure the rules were followed by the users. Senior Moderator since June 2011, which also let me guide and assist “younger” moderators. The position further strengthened my professional approach to user-control and -interaction.
Wowhead is one of the largest community/database sites for Blizzard’s World of Warcraft.

Other Work:
For these, each of my different jobs contains short descriptions of what I did. These are more general and mostly part-time jobs, that has no real reference to the games industry, which is why I chose to have them separated from those that do. I can always go into greater detail, if need be.

Matchmaker at Jobindex
(June 2012 – June 2014)

Matchmaking candidates in the CV-database with job postings for companies, in order to find the ideal candidates for the job in question, primarily by using my experience within the IT-sector.
Jobindex is the largest job-database in Denmark.

Administrative Student Assistant at NNIT
(September 2010 – July 2012)

My primary tasks involved handling requests for internal server orders, virtual and physical upgrades and server-decommissions. During my time, I also wrote documentation for the new decommission process, and took part in optimizing and improving both the internal site, as well as processes, of the department. The position has also given me international experience through collaboration across the world.
NNIT is one of the largest IT-companies in Denmark. I worked in the Infrastructure Order Department in IT Operational Services.

Web Analytics Assistant at Visionize / KPI Index
(August 2008 – September 2010)

The job was mainly technical and costumer support of the webanalytics tool Webtrends, as well as administrating and maintaining internal network and technical aspects, as well as service calls and technical communication with partners. As part of my time there, I also developed an online PHP-based tool that views and modifies .CSV-files for Webtrends campaigns.

Bear Builder at Build-a-Bear Workshop
(April 2008 – August 2008)

Taken as a supplementary summer job. Tasks included building and selling Teddy Bears, social interaction with the costumers by making sure they had a fun time in the store, while keeping a high focus on service.
Placed at the department in Tivoli, in central Copenhagen.

Student Assistant at Københavns Hovedbibliotek (Københavns Kommune)
(August 2007 – September 2008)

Worked in the Logistics Department of the central library of Copenhagen, which included putting books, CDs, etc. back in their places.

Sales Assistant at Irma
(September 2001 – August 2006)

Supermarket where service was one of the more important things. Tasks over the years ranged from bottle-sorting and cashier-work.

I have tried to list all the various courses I have taken as part of my higher education.

Master in Games (Design) at IT University of Copenhagen
(September 2011 – September 2013)

Thesis called “Affording Stories & Players” written based on the following research question:

How can aesthetic object-approaches be combined with qualitative player analysis of digital games to create an analysis model which aids the understanding of player-behaviour in ‘narrative’ digital single-player games?

Related projects and writings are linked at the respective courses. All the writings attached in the form of reports, reflections or otherwise are in English, unless otherwise stated. I will be happy to elaborate, if something seems to be missing or otherwise.

Bachelor in Computer Science at University of Copenhagen
(September 2006 – April 2011)

Bachelor project revolved around balance in board games, by asking the question:

To which degree is it possible to judge if an asymmetrical game is balanced?

Related projects and writings are linked at the respective courses.

High School at Virum Gymnasium
(September 2002 – June 2005)
  • High-level Courses: Math, Physics
  • Elective Courses: Movie and Television, Psychology, Spanish

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