When did it all start?
I started blogging (officially, that is), at the 29th of April 2008 at Blogger. As every normal person would do, the first post had the obligatory “hello world”-title. The reasoning behind it all is that I like to express my opinions, thoughts and pseudo-random ideas about a wide range of different subjects. It’s a nice way of venting creativity – and even more fun looking back at later.

Then, at the start of September, the domain gnueless.com was bought, and by the 18th of September 2008, I wrote my first post from this new site, as I felt it was time to get a real place of my own. Always nice with more customization-options, even though it does take a little while to get the hang of.

Later, at the start of 2012, I finally got hold of the domain gnub.com, which rightfully represents my “name”. At the same time, I took the opportunity to revamp the site and make the blog a sub-part of the site, rather than the primary part of it, as my amount of posts have gotten increasingly scarce. On top of that, I wanted a portfolio and a complete remake – so that happened as well. During March, the transition was completed, with only a few new sections lacking elaboration.

Memorial stuff from the old site:
Seeing as I changed both domain and site-name recently, I figured it was a shame to remove the old good text, that inspired me in the first place: “Gnueless” and “Lightning Does Strike Twice”. The names have a place in my heart, so the text deserves to be preserved. As such, here it is:

What’s up with the name of the site?
The phrase Lightning Does Strike Twice originates from the idiom “Lightning doesn’t strike twice”, meaning that the same bad things doesn’t happen twice to the same person. Even though lightning can in fact strike more than once in the same spot, the point of this blog isn’t about me having strokes of bad luck. On the contrary I’m usually quite lucky – with some things at least.

The twist comes because I play an Elemental Shaman in World of Warcraft. To those who doesn’t play it, I’m basically a naturalistic wizard (or, well, a shaman), that specializes in throwing lightning bolts. One of the primary fun things about that is a certain talent called [Elemental Overload] (previously Lightning Overload). Without going too much into details with the description, lightning does indeed strike twice – or more.

The third, and last, reason, is that I simply love lightning. It may sound weird, but it always gave me that special sensation of admiring the power of Mother Nature, whenever the weather goes haywire, the thunder rumbles and the flashes of lightning are everywhere. I usually open my windows at such times and enjoy the show. A bit freaky, perhaps, but to me it’s truly admirable – so much that I gave it a category for itself.

So, what about the actual domain name then?
Gnueless. Yes, I guess that takes a small explanation too. To keep it short, you should read the origin of the whole Gnu-naming first. The pun should be quite obvious, and the meaning behind it is just that – it’s not because I find myself stupid. You could perhaps look at it with the same kind of irony as with the site-title. It actually took me close to 2.5 years to use the name in a post.

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